​​​​​Failing to engage all employees in meaningful governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) conversations -- and properly convey the importance and relevance to their day-to-day activities -- opens you up to higher incidences of unethical or non-compliant behaviors. 

When enterprise risk management efforts are siloed, with no integrated approach to collecting, analyzing, or acting on information across business units and functions, key data can slip through the cracks. You lose valuable opportunities to mitigate risks and proactively make your program and technology work for you.

Governance, risk, and compliance strategies that are cohesive, spark interest, and foster engagement drive meaningful change and promote ethical behaviors. They deliver significant return on investment by allowing you to address issues before they arise or minor incidents become major lapses. We can help you take your GRC program from ignored and fragmented to embraced and cohesive.

Representative services:

  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive compliance / enterprise risk management programs
  • Code of Business Conduct updates
  • Technology selection and implementation guidance
  • ​Cross-corporation compliance, risk, and security frameworks
  • Corporate governance benchmarking
  • Corporate integrity assessments and initiatives
  • Compliance risk assessments
  • Best practice recommendations and implementation​​
  • Training development, refinement, and delivery for all levels of employees, management, and the Board
  • Targeted compliance and ethics communication strategies and execution for employees at all levels and business units


Compliance and culture​​