Business​ Process and change management​​

Considering employee input combined with securing top-level and stakeholder buy-in is the equation for success where business process and organizational change are concerned.

Through visible top-level support for initiatives, organizational leaders and influencers drive greater engagement and participation throughout employee ranks and business units. Employees are a valuable resource that often go untapped when redesigning processes or implementing changes that impact their workflow or roles. They provide practical perspectives on what works, what doesn't, and why. 

​Our team can help you identify variables and balance your process improvement and organizational change equations to maximize your return on resource investments.

Representative services:

  • Process and procedure assessments to identify areas for improvement
  • Organizational or departmental process (re)designs
  • ​Strategic and transition planning
  • Best practice surveys​
  • ​Action and milestone planning
  • Developing comprehensive change management strategies to address impacts and drive target program results
  • Change deployment​ guidance
  • Communication plans (including cadence, audience, type, and samples)​
  • ​Business case development
  • ​Metrics and dashboard creation, including return on investment measurements