B3OND is a succinct, multilingual survey series aimed at jump-starting the diagnostic and strategic efforts of an array of professionals and functions, including Compliance/Ethics, Human Resources, Legal, Risk, Marketing, and IT.

Created and powered by Cameo Advisory Group and Illuminate Advising & Analytics, B3OND surveys efficiently establish a baseline of current gaps or potential issues across a range of risk areas – critical input for setting strategic objectives and targeting limited resources.

The three cornerstones of B3OND are:

  • Streamlined design (all surveys are 20 questions or fewer);
  • Ease of implementation; and
  • Actionable results and guidance. 

This approach is supported by the expert data analysis, interpretation of findings, and big-picture thinking for which B3OND's creators are known.  

The B3OND team of industry experts bring proven value and experience, as well as a reputation for delivering actionable recommendations and results. The survey series draws upon the collective thought leadership of the team across the domains of organizational assessment, risk assessment, assessing a culture of integrity, assessing functional program effectiveness (including compliance and ethics, human resources, legal, IT), and human capital assessment.

B3OND Surveys are seamlessly smartphone and tablet compatible, in addition to traditional laptop and desktop functionality.

B3OND: Surveys