B3OND: Third Party Risk

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Our Philosophy

Cameo Advisory Group is proud to be a female-founded and managed organization. We strive to create a corporate world where employees can flourish. This starts with fostering a workplace where employees of every age, race, sex, ability/disability, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and gender identity feel welcome and supported. We believe in workplace fairness for all employees and support organizations that promote equality. 



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Our Clients

Compliance, Human Resources, Education & Training, and Legal Departments.  Project Sponsors.  Company Executives.​

We support them all by playing a cameo role to help align strategy, process, message, and people to create a high-performance organization. 

​Whether you are a start-up or large company, we offer industry-agnostic services to all corners of an organization, including cross-company task forces.  Our experience has proven that when different stakeholders partner on a project or initiative, the results are more sustainable and value -- both economic and practical -- is optimized.